Please enjoy the photos and videos as all of these cats are rescued!! We have been able to re-home many animals over the years but for some reason no one wanted to adopt these ones. While it's a struggle, we continue to enjoy the company of the cats knowing that they would have been euthanized if we didn't rescue them!!! Each one has a blog telling how they were rescued so read the older posts to find out more about the felines who live at the real "cat house".

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Baker's Dozen

Well nothing much more too say other than my daughter's rescue efforts struck again. While at college, she found 7 newborn kittens. They were probably 3-4 days old. She brought them all home and unfortunately 2 didn't make it through the first week. We bottle fed and cared for the other 5 until they were able to be adopted out several weeks later. 4 of the 5 were adopted out but one little one was still struggling so we kept him behind. We named him peanut because he was the tiny one and he had some many issues. He rounded out our cat house to make a bakers dozen!

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